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J.P. Morgan
Branding for J.P. Morgan Private Bank with its logo on a dark brown folder and its website design on a mobile phone
Dark blue brochure for J.P. Morgan Private Bank that says "It's not what you think" on the cover
Dark brown brochure for J.P. Morgan Private Bank that says "Not Wingtips" on the cover and says "Wings" on the first page
Gray brochure for J.P. Morgan Private Bank that says  "Not Well Off" on the cover and says "Well Earned" on the first page
Website for J.P. Morgan Private Bank that invites people to become a customer and promotes an exclusive CD rate
A variety of J.P. Morgan Private Bank landing pages on mobile devices
/ 06

“Not for me.” That’s never the perception you want for your brand.

Think about it. Someone says “Private Bank.” What does that evoke in your mind? Probably not modern, progressive or innovative. So how do you attract the self-made millennials and Gen Z’s, the self-service generation, the tech-savvy? That’s the brand challenge we explored for J.P.Morgan Private Bank. What did we find as we dug deep? As with many brands, misconceptions did not match the reality. What our target thinks a Private Bank is, what it does, and who it’s for, are not what’s actually happening behind those doors. That’s the truth we brought to life in this approach. Hitting them directly with we know what you think, and we’re not that. Wingtips? Wrong, we’re about wings. Conservative and limiting? Nope, we’re about liberating you from financial minutiae. Perfect for that someday, when you’re well-off, über rich? Sure. But we’re more for your today, while you’re still enterprising, still expanding, still earning. It’s the kind of transformative yet brand-smart thinking that we love the most.

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