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A cable company people actually like? Imagine that.

Cable TV. Satellite providers. They rank right up there (or more accurately, down there) among the least popular consumer brands and categories. So acquiring new customers can be quite a challenge, because your target may not particularly like you. And that’s just the type of challenge we love. When DISH reached out to us for ideas on how we’d approach their acquisition efforts, we knew we couldn’t ignore this universal unpopularity. As we started to dig, we discovered that the founders of DISH were hard-working, small-town entrepreneurs who started their business to bring high-quality, technologically-advanced yet affordable TV to the parts of the country the other guys were ignoring. To us, these founding values had weight, and set DISH apart from the cable/satellite company monoliths.

Campaign Tactics
  • Branding
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Display

Our Solution

We proposed re-branding DISH as the brand that truly understands rural America’s values and needs, because it has from the beginning. Our brand platform was captured in one word—homemade—which we transformed into two words that said even more: Home Made. This positioning connected the DISH brand instantly with an America where making things from scratch, and working with your own hands, are strong core values. An America where budgets are tight, and value is paramount.

Our Campaign Tactics

Across brand advertising concepts, direct mail, email, social and digital channels, we leveraged each platform to highlight key elements of how this was the one brand that really understood their values. DISH was the brand that made their home more affordable. That made their entertainment budget work harder. That made their home even cooler with the latest tech goodies. That even made it more peaceful, by giving everyone the ability to record and watch their own programs without some DVR conflict triggering another sibling wrestling match.

We immediately address the No. 1 concern for the majority of American families — the family budget.
They see a message that is about them. We are making home more affordable. Visually, it doesn’t always have to be the family watching TV.
Then we localize our message: DISH is proud to serve your neighborhood with great TV at a great value. We also connect even more with our consumer with brief intro copy that aligns DISH with their values, entrepreneurship, hard work and value.
They see a message that is about them. We are making home more affordable. Visually, it doesn’t always have to be the family watching TV.

Next, we clearly communicate our offer.
Exactly how much it cost. And exactly what you get with it. We clarify our disclosure by clearly addressing a barrier to response. Our CTA uses a friendlier, let us help you approach.

We clearly let them know our DVR is a really cool addition, at an additional cost.
Exactly how much it costs is in the headline, not in the disclosure for full transparency. And then we introduce them to some of the cool features that come with it.

We clarify our free offer.
You need to order our DISH service + our DVR to be able to use the Echo Dot with your TV. And we clarify that it’s the Echo Dot that gives them the Hands-Free TV capability.

Finally, we introduce our Premium Channels
But we try to soften our “unless you call us” as much as possible.

In short, DISH made their home a place that was even more about them, backed by DISH’s #1 customer service ranking from JD Power.

The Result

When messaging that hits home with a brand’s target is your specialty, you don’t have to work in America’s heartland to connect with its great people. You can be a New York City ad agency that manages to find the words that reach anyone across our diverse landscape.

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