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Hugo Boss

That elusive millennial target. It’s every brand’s challenge.

Reaching a new generation of consumers is a challenge every established brand faces. How do you speak to them? Connect with them? Get them interested in your brand? That’s one of the challenges Hugo Boss brought to us.

  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Display/Social

We knew our efforts had to be intriguing, relevant, relatable.

We looked at the competition. Saw a lot talking about discounts. Promotions. But not a lot 
about why them. Not a lot about how their brand fit with the life of this new generation.

And we talked to those customers. We dug deep. We found that the men we wanted as Boss men were independent and confident, but still 
valued guidance. But with some attitude.

We helped to create the Boss 2019 S/S collection look book.

Produced Nordstrom’s NYC launch…

Landing page improvements…

Emails working? Great. But no sales are made without a solid experience on landing pages.

More Work