BANDUJO is a full-service advertising and digital agency located in the creative heart of New York City — the Chelsea / Flatiron District. Here you’ll find a team of experienced marketing professionals who come to the agency every day genuinely excited about doing great work. We take our clients’ business as seriously as our own, set the highest standards for ourselves and pour all of our passion into delivering work that is creatively, and strategically, the best in the business. Let’s talk!




Whether your brand is a category leader or a new kid on the block, the complexity of today’s advertising landscape requires that the individuals you work with on a daily basis are business smart and seasoned marketers. With Bandujo, you work with a team of professionals that think critically, provide forward-thinking business solutions, and give you the collaboration and solid marketing counsel you deserve.


We strongly believe that our creative talent is second to none, and we’re committed to ensuring that cleverness is never at the expense of clarity and effectiveness. Great creative is only great if it’s on target strategically, communicates in a clear, compelling fashion and achieves the desired marketing objectives. Our creative experience, and the team you’ll work with, spans the broad spectrum of traditional, digital and social mediums, allowing us to develop 360° campaigns that reach your customers where they want to be reached.


We know you need your agency to be flexible, responsive and fast — while at the same time, producing the highest quality work. To do so, we’ve instilled a culture where your entire account team is committed to producing excellent work in the time frames necessary. Superior service also means recommending the right advertising solutions for our clients. So we remain objective when evaluating the sea of digital, social and traditional marketing options and focus on those that are right — not just what’s on trend.


Sex. Changes. Forever.

In the fight against HIV/AIDS, NYC has always been an innovator and leader. And our latest campaign, in partnership with the NYC Department of Health, is no exception. Its unique and bold approach features a sex-positive message that doesn’t rely on fear to drive behavior change. To set the tone for our campaign and start building excitement for the big launch on World AIDS Day, we created a sexy, inclusive, behind-the-scenes video from our shoot. This high-energy teaser video, which is currently spreading on social media, features our cast interacting with one other in a flirty, sexy, way. We’ve created intrigue with the simple line “Sex Changes Forever” to assure that New Yorkers stay tuned for what’s coming.

Kumon creative

Putting a brand in its “place,” significantly increases enrollments.

In Japan, the Kumon brand is synonymous with advanced learning — it’s where the best and the brightest kids enroll to gain a true academic advantage. Here in the U.S. it’s different. Many parents incorrectly perceive Kumon as a tutoring center, a quick-fix for children who’ve fallen a bit behind in school. To grow Kumon’s U.S. market, we had to correct this perception, and elevate the brand to its rightful place: the one where the brightest kids go to advance their learning – and start building the competitive advantage they need to compete in today’s world. Our solution was a full 360 advertising campaign blending digital, traditional & social media, anchored by the theme “Where Smart Kids Get Smarter”. This new message attracted a new audience of parents looking to give their children every academic advantage. The result was thousands of new leads to Kumon Centers nationwide, with enrollments increasing almost 10% in just the first month.

Our advertising campaign helps save lives, after a devastating diagnosis.

The moment someone hears “it’s cancer”, their world stops. All they can think is, “how fast can the doctor get this out”? But the desire to rush can literally be deadly. Because with cancer, if you don’t make the right move first, you can’t go back. As an example, a patient who immediately rushes to surgery might have done better getting chemotherapy or radiation first to shrink the tumor. Or, they might not have needed surgery at all. Getting all the facts first — and getting them from a world-respected cancer institution with today’s most in-depth, cutting edge knowledge — is critical. That’s why it was so important that our advertising campaign for Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, convince newly diagnosed cancer patients to go against their natural desire to rush. And instead, to stop, take a breath, and make a truly informed decision. Our solution was a heartfelt campaign featuring personal stories from Roswell Park’s renowned doctors, anchored by the simple theme, “Spend Just One Day With Us”. Since the campaign introduction, new patient inquiries have increased over 17%. And there’s no telling how many lives may have been extended, or saved. Using our advertising talents to play a small role in saving even one life is beyond rewarding.

Allure website

Beauty. Delivered monthly.

As subscription-based models gain more and more popularity, this space has become highly competitive. The Allure Beauty Box offers consumers an opportunity to sample beauty products selected especially for them by the editors of Allure magazine. We also created an engaging, user-friendly online experience that makes it easy for our target to become a part of the Allure Beauty Box family.


Helping find the next Oscar, Tony and Emmy award winners.

As one of the leading acting conservatories in the country, The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts is home to the industry’s future Oscar, Tony and Emmy award winners. But to recruit the most talented students, it takes savvy marketing across multiple channels — along with a willingness to constantly refresh and revisit your message to fit the ever-shifting world of Film & Television. For over 6 years, we’ve been supporting the NYCDA team in the creation of online and offline campaigns that resonate with high school students and make NYCDA their top choice. For the 2014 school year, it begins with the launch of our “If you want to get into Film and Television, you want to get in here” campaign.

Changing the conversation surrounding domestic violence, and helping women find hope & safety.

As we looked for the most effective ways to help keep women safe, we delved deep into the troubling issue of domestic violence. And we found that women are often not aware of the many warning signs of violence — the emotional, psychological and sexual abuse that typically begins way before the bruises. So, while most domestic violence campaigns focus on the later stages of this heartbreaking issue, our strategy was to instead, inform women of the early psychological trap and help stop the cycle. The campaign has deeply resonated with victims and more importantly, created a new cultural conversation about how and when to reach women to help keep them safe.

Reality TV? Oh no!

When we were first approached by AMC Networks to participate in The Pitch, our initial reaction was a resounding “No”. But then we realized it presented us with a great opportunity to inspire future marketers, and to provide an exclusive and honest glimpse into the world of advertising. Our industry is uniquely challenging and fulfilling, and it’s rare to get a realistic, behind-the-scenes look at the hard work that goes into a single pitch and the making of a campaign. In the end, the experience of being on The Pitch was slightly grueling, as we challenged ourselves to create a groundbreaking advertising campaign to launch Marriott’s Autograph Collection. But as we all worked together to win the challenge, it was an experience that brought us closer as a work family. Looking back, we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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