Digital Digest, Volume I

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Digital advertising moves fast, so we’re here to help catch you up. The Bandujo creatives have rounded up the latest inspiring, informative and insane articles from the Internet. The following pieces have made the creatives in our agency chuckle, facepalm and, much to our CEO’s delight, grow as advertising professionals. Enjoy!

All the ads that ran during the Super Bowl, in order, Business Insider
For the advertising lover who hates sports, the Super Bowl is a tricky event. Is it worth sitting through a three-hour game just to watch commercials? If you answered “no” and still have no idea which ads ran Sunday night, check out this cumulative list of spots. Score!

More Than Just Pretty: How Imagery Drives User Experience, Smashing Magazine
Consider this your crash course in choosing the best images for your website or app. Whether you’re new to UX design or a veteran who just needs some refreshing, this article will give you the know-how to kick your design’s ass.

Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions in 2017, Unbounce
Chatbots and scrolling and CTAs, oh my! According to this article, there are quite a few ways you can tweak your design and UX to optimize online conversions in 2017. One of our agency’s resolutions is upping our user experience skills, so we’ll definitely be implementing some of these new features.

WikiHow apologizes for turning Barack Obama, Beyoncé and Jay-Z white, The Guardian
Yikes. Apparently an article on WikiHow, one of the most popular “How-To” websites, featured a whitewashed illustration of former President Barack Obama, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The insensitive gaff is embarrassing, but it also raises an interesting question regarding diversity in design. Click thru for more.

Bacon Ipsum, Pete Nelson
Ta-da! A lorem ipsum generator that spits out meat-related type. “Why?” you ask. Well, why the flank not? Share to make a design lover or meat lover happy.

Stay tuned for our next digest. If you’re still hungry for advertising, design and digital insights, check out our other articles here.  

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