Digital Digest, Volume II

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Digital advertising moves fast, so we’re here to help catch you up. The Bandujo creatives have rounded up the latest inspiring, informative and insane articles from the Internet. The following pieces have made the creatives in our agency chuckle, facepalm and, much to our CEO’s delight, grow as advertising professionals. Enjoy!

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Images Free
Good news for designers and content creators! The powers that be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art have made more than 375,000 images free for download and use. These images are now in the public domain, meaning you can use them in any of your personal or commercial designs. Just download them from their collection. Now, how can we convince a client to include Rembrandt in their next campaign…

Brawny Celebrates Women History Month By Featuring Woman On Its Packaging, AdWeek
Your favorite flannel mascot has been updated, at least for the month of March. Brawny gave their packaging a makeover, replacing the usual Brawny Man with a Brawny Woman. It’s a part of their #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, and just one of the ways they’re showing support for women around the world. Check out what else they have planned at the article!

To Use or Not to Use: Touch Gesture Controls for Mobile Interfaces, Smashing Magazine
Now that everybody has a touchscreen in their pocket, designers have to consider touch user interfaces. How do you get a user to swipe, tap, rotate or do anything when you need them to? Should you spell it out with type? Or rely solely on design? Smashing Magazine offers their answers and a few tips for creating an effective but stylish UI.

A is for Albert, Studio Lovelock
For any animators in need of a little inspiration, check out this project from Studio Lovelock. “A is for Albert” features 26 animated vector illustrations, one for every letter in the alphabet. Each piece revolves around the rearing of a boy, Albert. If you’re a creative, it’ll inspire you. If you’re a parent, it will fill your heart. Or stress you out. Or both.

@TrumpDraws, Twitter
When the world bums you out, you can count on social media to lift you up. With the latest news pouring out of the White House, you can find a small respite from the trash fire that is American politics with @TrumpDraws. It’s a parody Twitter account that makes GIFs of Trump and his executive orders. Simple, funny and cheaper than therapy.

Stay tuned for our next digest. If you’re still hungry for advertising, design and digital insights, check out our other articles here.  

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