Reducing healthcare expenses through higher quality care

As with most businesses today, the cost of employee healthcare significantly impacts the bottom line. For the 32BJ Service Employees International Union, the largest union of property service workers in the U.S., it’s a cost that exceeds over $1 billion a year. But for them, keeping costs down isn’t about reducing benefits, it’s about helping their members get higher quality care. Because it’s well proven that higher quality care ultimately leads to less expensive care.

We’ve worked closely with 32BJ to develop a long-term marketing communications strategy that helps them reduce their healthcare expenses by changing the day-to-day healthcare decisions of their members. An online interactive tool now leads members to choose the highest quality medical providers based on their specific medical history. E-mail and direct mail continually educate and generate far above average response rates of 10%+. Signage communicates key messages in break rooms and union facilities. Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are continually updated with relevant messages. Infographics communicate where language barriers are a concern. To date, it’s been a highly effective, complete 360º approach that is truly having a measurable impact on the bottom line of healthcare costs.