The most disgusting commercial of all time?

Yes, we’re proud to have our work labeled that way by media outlets across the world. Because, when you’re trying to educate consumers about their health, with very little budget, an advertising campaign that goes viral and earns millions in free media certainly helps get your message across. With every iteration of our ongoing Are You Pouring on the Pounds anti-sugary drinks campaign for New York City, we grab attention, but more importantly, we educate. It’s never been about telling consumers not to drink sugary drinks. Instead it’s been about communicating information that helps them decide what’s right for their bodies. So when they hear how a sugary drink turns to fat, or that one soda contains 16 packs of sugar, or that it takes a 2 1/2 mile walk from Central Park to Yankee Stadium to work off the calories, consumers are naturally led to make smarter choices.
We’re proud that our strategy has been so successful. By educating the public via creatively powerful messages and visuals, New York City has registered a dramatic decrease in sugary drink consumption. We’re equally pleased that our campaigns have also been adopted by public health organizations across the world, as they fight the same obesity epidemic.