Of course smoking kills. But what happens before you die?

For decades, anti-smoking ads have pounded away at the “smoking kills” message. But when a jaded smoker hears that, they usually rationalize their habit with a flip excuse like, “Hey, I gotta die somehow.” Or “big deal, so my life ends a year earlier.” Addressing this psychological barrier lead us to a bold and different strategy – it’s not about you dying, it’s about the years of misery, pain and suffering you’ll likely have to endure first. Death truly is the easy part.

We’re proud to say our creative approach is saving lives. Our “Suffering” campaign was the most successful ever launched by New York City. Within a week of the campaign’s debut, calls to the New York Quitline increased by 75% over the normal summer volume. And when Los Angeles adopted the campaign, they had similar record-breaking results. Most recently the campaign was showcased on an episode of “The Doctors”, where audience members overwhelmingly supported the frankness and uniqueness of the creative.