Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of common sense to get your message heard

What happens when you develop a product that goes against the grain and adopts a different methodology of doing things? You raise a lot of eyebrows… but you also create a compelling story. That’s exactly what happened when WisdomTree Investments developed the first family of “fundamentally” weighted indexes and ETFs; their ETFs are built using only companies that pay cash dividends or have earnings. Meanwhile, their competitors use traditional market cap-weighted indexes, which means even if companies are losing money, they could be included in the ETF. These days, few investors want to invest in companies with financial loss, so our campaign was designed to let them know — using a bit of a sarcastic tone — that WisdomTree’s groundbreaking methodology is simply “common sense”.

Once this “common sense” brand message was firmly entrenched throughout print, online, collateral and website communications, we embarked on creating a series of innovative, vibrantly-animated television and online ads that made traders and institutional investors take notice. The campaign’s success is evident in the billions of new investments it has helped WisdomTree attract.