Let's Get Started!

Most people hate their jobs. We’re not most people.

We’re All In.

For us, passion is a must have. Not a nice to have. We still get butterflies over design and marketing, and a coworker who can geek out with us is a coworker worth keeping.

Bandujo Lunch

Do You.

We dig it when people explore skills beyond their job description, whether it’s a designer who loves writing or an animator who loves coding. As long as the end product is right, you can do whatever you want to here.

Blessed, Not Stressed.

You can’t produce fire-emoji level work if you’re too burnt out. We recharge with flexible office hours and work from home options, plus a generous PTO policy to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Bandujo After Hours
Bandujo Art Director

Come Correct.

Our office doesn’t have the space for any interpersonal BS. So, we play nice. Practice honesty. Stay accountable. We look out for ourselves, of course, but we never forget to look out for each other.

Bandujo Senior Account Executive

Serious About Fun.

We respect hustle and love to reward it. Bi-monthly game nights. Quarterly outings. Meat and cheese galore. You may even find yourself singing ABBA with the CEO during karaoke. Get excited!

Shoku the newest Bandujo member

So… What Do You Get?

Flexible Hours
Get an early start or pop in later. As long as you take care of what your clients need, you’re good.

PTO Bank
Start with 15 days, and watch that number grow every year. We roll over days, too!

Work from the comfort of your home 5 days out of the year. Pants optional.

401(k) + Company Matching
Prepare for your future, with a little help from us.

Paid Holidays
Enjoy the usual line up, plus a few more days to make holiday travel less stressful.

Medical & Dental Insurance
Stay alive—and healthy—with our benefits plans. It’s literally the least we could do.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits
Get your Metrocard for less. You’re on your own with those delays though.

Gym Membership Discount
Lift, cycle or jazzercise your way to a healthier life at Crunch gym.

Profit Sharing
Get rewarded for contributing to the success of our company.

Make a Future With Us

Looking for a job sucks. Working here doesn’t.