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An advertising & digital agency you’ll really like working with?

Hi, that’s us.

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It’s pronounced ban-doo-ho

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about who we are. The easy answer is we’re a New York City full-service advertising, direct and digital agency. But there’s lots of those. So, what do our clients say makes us special? Take a look around and you’ll start to see.

Our Work

We’re message first. Why?

To us, advertising and marketing has to be all about what you have to say. About what makes your brand better, or different. Whether it's for social, digital, direct or traditional advertising, we dig deep to uncover the messages that get customers to love you, pick you, buy from you. And that’s where our clients tell us we kill it. Like really kill it. We find the stories, the messages, they didn’t even realize they had. So whether you're a startup or an established brand, let's chat. And let's see what you have to say.

Take a look at a few things we’ve had to say:

Parents thought Kumon was tutoring.

We told them it’s where the really smart kids go. Suddenly, they’re clamoring to get their kids enrolled.

Coke says “teach the world to sing”?

What did we say? That soda isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows. Our “most disgusting ad campaign of all time” shocked the world. But it sure worked.

It’s always been called a magazine gift subscription.

We said the magazine isn’t the gift. It’s what’s inside. The inspiration. The style. The conversation. Suddenly Condé Nast magazines are the must-have of the season.

You’d think financial products are built with common sense.

We told investors their non-WisdomTree ETFs weren’t. Did they agree? $50 billion+ of investment growth later, we’d say yes.

Everyone else says second opinion.

Patients don’t do it. We said “spend just one day”. One day to see what the top cancer doctors have to say. Buffalo listened. Lives were saved. That’s what you call really rewarding advertising.

Hugo BOSS says tailoring, fit, quality.

So does everyone else. We said BOSS gets you on the list. That swipe right. Owning the VC pitch. It’s not about the clothes. It’s about the confidence.

Sure smoking kills. But guess what, Smokers?

It’s a slow and painful death. Never thought about that, huh? Did we make them think? Yep. This ad campaign for NYC generated the most calls ever from smokers asking for help quitting.

Superior customer service. So generic.

That’s what everyone says. We said Chase isn’t like everyone else. It’s all about you.

A naked New Yorker?

That caught their attention. And yep, that’s you...if don’t protect your phone with the NYC Secure app. Downloads came fast and furious.

Prospects said no old and stodgy law firm for them.

We said, yep we’re old. It’s called experience. But don’t mess with us. That’s how you turn around a brand.

Teachers are stressed enough.

They don’t need retirement stress too. So we said being anxious is totally OK. Everyone is. AXA totally understands. Now let’s put you in control.

A Private Bank? That’s for grandpa.

Yes, we got it. So we flat out said to successful millennials, nope, the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, it’s not what you think.

If they don’t like you, they’ll never buy from you.

That’s every cable company’s challenge. So we went all out on the apple pie, Americana charm to let our prospects know DISH was different.

We convinced them to quit. Now what?

Our anti-smoking ads worked. But then folks said we need help quitting. Our response? We’ve got an app for that.

HIV advertising has always been fear based. Not anymore.

Fear creates stigma. So we changed the message, the tone. It’s still about protection but not about being afraid.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our not-so-secret sauce

We’re Not Big on Winging It

Truly understanding your business, industry and competitors. That’s much more our speed. Our team is made up of seasoned marketers who think critically about your business problems and strategically about the best advertising and marketing solution. So rest easy, you’ll collaborate with the most dedicated, business-smart professionals.

Our Creatives Aren’t Just Creative

Unlike designers and writers who focus solely on the bells and whistles of a product, the Bandujo team always creates work that clearly meets your marketing objectives. Whether it’s traditional media, emerging digital platforms, or a 360° campaign, we never sacrifice clarity for cleverness or flashiness. Pinky promise.

We Don’t Keep You Waiting

You know when your coworker takes forever to reply to an email? Yeah, we hate that, too. That’s why superior service is at the core of everything we do. The Bandujo crew is nimble, reliable, and fast—producing high-quality work that meets your deadlines. Our service also extends to recommending solutions that work for your brand’s unique challenges, not just what’s on trend.

Our Team