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NYC Department of Health HIV Awareness
NYC HIV Awareness ad of a African American couple hugging each other that says "We Play Sure. PrEP and Condoms."
Three HIV Awareness billboard ads of confident couples and individuals for New York City's Play Sure campaign
NYC HIV Awareness billboard ad on a building of a confident African American woman crossing her arms that says "Be HIV Sure"
Pink NYC HIV Awareness ad that says "Fierce, Fearless, and Living Sure" and shows four smiling women
Pink and blue sexual health mural ad for NYC's "We've Got You Covered" campaign
/ 09

Changing the conversation. Now that’s hard.

We’re proud to have been the advertising agency that truly changed the conversation in this country around HIV. We did this by creating the first HIV advertising campaigns that broke away from the usual fear-based approach. Fear creates stigma. And additional stigma is not what HIV positive individuals needed. Stigma also keeps people in the shadows, afraid to get tested because they’re afraid of the results. So we changed the tone. We changed the messages. Go ahead and play, enjoy yourself, enjoy sex. Being HIV positive or negative doesn’t keep you from any of that. Just be sure. Play sure. Stay sure. Always be sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself or protect your partners.

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