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NYC Department of Health Anti-Sugary Drinks
Anti-Sugar ad for New York City that says "Are You Pouring on the Pounds" and shows a bottle of soda pouring fat into a cup
Bloomberg Businessweek magazine cover of a obese Coca-Cola bottle that says "Would you believe I'm just big-boned?"
/ 05

Well Coca-Cola is certainly never going to ask us to be their ad agency.

Taking on one of America’s all-time favorite brands. Now that’s an advertising nightmare. But what used to be a special treat has become a daily part of every meal, leading to a serious weight problem in this country. So we had to create something memorable. And boy did we. Visually showing what happens to all that sugar inside your body. It wasn’t an innocent liquid you were drinking, it was basically pure fat. The “Are you pouring on the pounds” advertising campaign we created became one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of all time. Ranked right up there with Calvin Klein’s iconic underwear ads as one publication put it. Our “drinking fat” viral video was one of the most-watched public health videos ever. And no one in New York City left the subway without our glob of fat image permanently seared into their brains. Did it work? Absolutely. It brought worldwide attention to a serious issue. Even today we still meet people who can’t get this graphic image out of their heads and tell us that it was the turning point in never enjoying a soda the same way again. Sorry, Coke.

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